How to Get Started and Application Templates


We have included a Power Point Template created by the Schmidt Center in Prince George’s County and a Website template created by Howard County.

If you are creating a website template, there is a “How to make a Weebly” instructions page. Here is the PowerPoint that gives pictures to those instructions.


How to Get Started:

  1. Put together a Green School Committee. This committee can include teachers, students, administrators, parents or other staff.  This will make it easier for you to put the application together.
  2.  MAEOE Green School Training.  Consider attending one of these trainings which will teach you about the application, the program and the process.  The training sign-ups can be found on the home page or the Green Schools Application Page.
  3. Contact your local Green Center.  Green Centers and Green Leaders are established to help provide local support for schools interested in becoming green schools.  The list of green centers can be found at
  4. Further support. If you still believe you may need further assistance contact  who can contact some  Green Leaders to see if any are available to mentor you.
  5. Bi-monthly Newsletter. Anyone is welcome to sign-up for our bi-monthly newsletter at the  bottom of the Newsletter page ( ).  Through  this newsletter you will receive Green School updates, PD opportunities,  resources and more.  Previous newsletters can be found at .  You will also be the first to hear about the training sessions.
  6. On-line Resources:


Possible Timeline for Completing an Application:

September/October of Year 1-

  • Put together a Green School Committee with administrators, teachers, parents, students, facilities staff and more. At the first meeting evaluate what you have in place and what you need to plan.  We have a Green Schools Pre-Assessment that you can use.  You can also consult with a Green Leader or Green Center.

November/December of Year 1-

  • Set-up filing system where all of the teachers can add pictures and student work. Present this plan and information at a staff meeting (If you do this, get an agenda so that you can put it in Objective 1.2!).  Plan to regularly remind them over the next year and a half about submitting their work.

Spring of Year 1-

  • Consider doing a spring project on your school grounds or incorporating Earth Day (Don’t forget to take pictures!)
  • Attend a Green School Training and/or Review Session to learn the ins and outs of the application

Summer between Years 1 and 2- 

  • Summer is a good time for some teachers to attend Professional Development. Some good year-round examples can be found at

September/October of Year 2-

  • Set-up the template or use one of ours to allow you to populate the application throughout the year. We recommend an online format such as a free website, Prezi or Power Point.
  • If you have not done so already, the Fall is a good time to present at a staff meeting. Talk about the Green School Application, what you need from the staff and use this time to recruit more people for your Green Schools Committee
  • Check in with your Green Leader or Green Center

November of Year 2-

  • Fully populate Objective 1.1. by the end of month

December of Year 2

  • Turn in your intent-to-apply by the due date
  • Fully populate Objectives 1.2 and 1.4 by Winter Break
  • Check in with your Green Leader or Green Center

January of Year 2

  • Fully populate Objective 2 by end of month

February of Year 2

  • Attend the MAEOE Conference for a mock review session of your application. The MAEOE Conference counts as Professional Development (Objective 1.2)
  • If you cannot attend the conference consider sitting down with your Green Leader or Green Center to do a one-on-one Application review. DO NOT LEAVE THIS UNTIL MARCH.  Green Leaders are busy people too, so the earlier you can meet with them, the more time and feedback they can give you.
  • Finish Objective 3

March of Year 2

  • Complete any finishing touches

April of Year 2

  • You will receive the results of your application