Partnership with Eco-Schools USA


How the partnership works:

The Maryland Green School partnership with Eco-Schools USA enables Green Schools to skip the Eco-School application process. Green Schools contact Kim Martinez, the Regional Education Manager of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center of National Wildlife Federation, to schedule a site visit to assess the school’s green practices. If Eco-Schools USA finds the Green School to be eligible, the school will receive the Eco-School Green Flag Award.

Maryland Green Schools must meet the Eco-Schools energy requirement to be eligible (optional for the Green School application).

The Maryland Green School Program is a regional program, and is unique in that applicants have the support of Maryland Green Centers and Green Leaders. For some schools, it may be easier to initiate green practices in their school with the help of this localized support system, and thereafter aim for the national recognition of Eco-Schools USA.

As the Green School application is rigorous, some schools may find it easier to begin with Eco-School’s Bronze or Silver award. These awards can recognize singular green practices a school puts in place. Overtime, a school with numerous green practices can aim for the Eco-Schools Green Flag and the Green School Award.

From Sustainable Practices to Eco-Schools Pathways

Green Schools BMP’s (Objective 2)

  • Water conservation & pollution reduction
  • Energy conservation
  • Solid waste reduction
  • Habitat restoration
  • Structures for environmental learning
  • Responsible transportation & reduced emissions
  • Healthy living & learning environments

Ecoschools USA Pathways

  • water
  • Water
  • energyclimate
  • Energy, Climate Change
  • waste
  • Construction & waste
  • biodiversityschool-grounds
  • School grounds, Biodiversity
  • biodiversityschool-grounds
  • School grounds, Biodiversity
  • transport
  • Transportation
  • foodhealthhealthy-school
  • Healthy living, Healthy schools, Sustainable food


For more information about our partnership and the Eco-schools process, visit the Eco-schools website.


Benefits of Co-certification