Frequently Asked Questions:

The Green School Application

General Questions on the Guides and Application Process:

How do I get started?

When did I last certify?

What format can be used to submit the application?

If a school is resubmitting an application from the previous year, do they need to file an Intent to Apply?

Can I use an old application guide from a past year if I already started working from it?

I am submitting an application for 3rd recertification is it the same as the New schools, 1st and 2nd recertification?

Who can help me?

When is the intent to apply and the current application becoming available?

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Documentation of Instructional Programs:

What should you do if you are not certain you have permission to use a photograph of a particular student?

Is a lesson plan considered enough documentation for the environmental instruction objective?

What are other ways to document environmental instruction?

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Professional Development:

If one teacher attends a PD, then returns to the school and trains fellow teachers, can those additional teachers count in the 10%?

How do you document Professional Development?

How do you describe/document the “majority of staff are engaged in EE activities affiliated with the school” and the “all staff is aware of the Green School Application process?

If teachers are doing a training on their own, outside of school, can it be applied to PD for the Green School application?

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What are the requirements for a Celebration?

What if our school population is too large for the entire student body to gather together for one event?

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Sustainable Practices

How can elementary school students lead sustainable practices?

What are some suggested ideas to document student-lead sustainable practices?

Is Fieldscope required?

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Community Partnerships, Awards & Special Recognition

Does an annual field trip to the same organization count as a sustained partnership?