• As an educator, if you could:

    • Increase academic performance
    • Decrease behavior challenges
    • Create healthier work environments
    • Boost school morale
    • Prepare students for the 21st Century workforce
    • Help restore the environment

    Would you??

Improvement on Test Scores

Repeated studies throughout the nation have shown improvement in standardized test scores when the environment is used as an integrated context within the curriculum.  Studies in Maryland affirm the national findings.  MAEOE has commissioned studies examining the links between academic performance on standardized tests and MDGS.  A 2010 study compared test results of Maryland Green Schools with non green schools (Dr. Sarah Haines, Towson University) see graphs below.

The latest study from December 2014, looked at Maryland Green Schools test results. Researchers compared test scores 3 years prior to becoming a Green School with test scores 3 years after receiving the award. The study shows a strong correlation between the Maryland Green School process and improved academic performance. Current Study (Dr. Sarah Haines, Towson University) can be found here



Source: Dr. Sarah Haines, Director for Science and Mathematics Education, Department of Biological Science, Towson University, 2010.