Sustainable / Model Green Schools

The children and parents—and community—have learned to look at this world a little differently. The everyday things around us are not taken for granted as much. [People] want to be a part of making a difference. These projects have helped to bring the community together for a common cause, with wonderful results and a feeling of success in working together.

-Pam Sherfey, teacher, Linton Spring Elementary School, Carroll County

After a MD Green School has successfully demonstrated sustained operations by re-certifying successfully 3 times i.e. 14 years, the schooL is eligible to apply as a Sustainable MAEOE Maryland Green School.

Recognition as a Sustainable MAEOE MD Green SchooL

These schools will be recognized on the website and at the ceremony as the highest achieving Maryland Green Schools. The school will use a simple annotated checklist, signed by the school principal/director to re-certify .  The checklist simplifies the re-certification process.  No documentation is required.The school may continue to enjoy the MD DNR 1:1 match on tree orders and fly the Maryland Green School flag.


  • To recognize and promote the schools that have institutionalized and continue to sustain their MD Green School operations.
  • To recognize schools that (1) serve as models, and (2) promote the Maryland Green School Program.
  • After three successful re-applications, to remove the requirement for organizations to continually submit a detailed and documented re-application to maintain their status.
  • To reduce the management time and resources required for MAEOE to stay in communication with these schools (process re-applications and provide incentives and rewards).


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