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We Create Sustainable Opportunities



The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) encourages, engages and empowers our community to understand, responsibly use and promote the natural world.

Our Staff

Meet the MAEOE professional staff and the Board of Trustees. MAEOE is a leader and authority on environmental, outdoor, and natural resources education and program development.

Board of Directors & Advisory Council

The Board of Directors are engaged in the development of the organization. The Directors share and exchange information about current environmental issues; they engage with environmental and business leaders to build synergies between conservation, community and outdoor education programs and resources. The leadership promotes quality education through outdoor learning experiences; they cultivate a greater awareness, knowledge, appreciation, and concern for the conservation of the natural environment and the effects of people’s actions upon it. They promote environmentally sound activities and lifestyles.

The Advisory Council represent a wide range of environmental, outdoor education and natural resource organizations from across the state, the experience that they bring to MAEOE supports current programs and future development of these programs including access to nature, student stewardship, and sustainable schools.

MAEOE Membership

MAEOE members include a wide variety of people working in (or interested in) environmental education and related fields. MAEOE members include environmental professionals, classroom teachers, naturalists, environmental educators, outdoor center staff and many others who have an interest in working with children, young people and adults in environmental education. We are an inclusive organization which supports diverse communities.

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