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School Grounds for Learning Projects

Promoting Environmental Projects in Schools

Find instructions and resources for 100+ educational green projects on school premises aligned with U.S. Green Ribbon Schools pillars and requirements, Eco-Schools USA Sustainability Pathways and the Maryland Green Schools Program. School Grounds for Learning Projects provide the knowledge and resources to plan, utilize and sustain educational green projects on school premises.

Students, teachers and other school personnel will have online access to a wealth of useful information and practical instructions for environmental projects, such as:

  • planning a school grounds project site
  • providing wildlife habitats
  • improving water quality
  • supporting healthy school environments
  • reducing environmental impact
  • incorporating natural elements for education
  • encouraging outdoor discovery and learning

By providing full and easy access to these project resources, School Grounds for Learning is designed for schools to:

  • support and realize the goals of environmental literacy
  • embark on the path of state Green School certification
  • initiate qualification for U.S. Green Ribbon School status
  • prepare students to be environmental citizens and leaders, as outlined by the Mid-Atlantic Elementary and Secondary Environmental Literacy Strategy (MAELS)
  • develop and continue high quality, sustainable indoor and outdoor learning environments across the Mid-Atlantic region


  • Who developed School Grounds for Learning Project resources?

    To ensure project materials are useful and applicable to a wide audience, contributors include:

    • National and regional organizations committed to education, conservation and restoration
    • Outdoor environmental education centers working with school grounds projects
    • School facilities management and personnel
    • Teachers and administrators experienced with integrating school grounds projects into instructional study
    • Governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations advocating progress in water quality, habitat and innovative agriculture
    • Landscape architects with expertise and imagination in the design of school grounds
  • Who will use the resources?

    Anyone who is interested in designing, enhancing, utilizing and sustaining environmental projects on their school grounds.

    • Students
    • Teachers
    • Administrators
    • School facilities personnel
  • Why do we need School Grounds for Learning?

    Students of today will be the environmental leaders and stewards of tomorrow. But entrusting them with this responsibility requires an investment.

    By providing resources, knowledge and guidance, the School Grounds for Learning Project engages students to learn, act and appreciate the importance of a vibrant and healthy natural environment.

  • Where can I find School Grounds for Learning Resources?

    School Grounds for Learning Project Resources can be found on Bay Backpack. Additional in-depth project resources and case studies can be found in our comprehensive Resource Library.

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