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Becoming a MAEOE MD Green Center

The Maryland Green Center Award is a way to recognize and honor a facility’s efforts in implementation of environmental education, best management practices and community engagement. Centers offer support to schools working towards being awarded the Maryland Green Schools status. Centers educate schools, teachers and parents about the Maryland Green School Program. Their staff and volunteers assist schools in fulfilling the requirements to earn the award. There are currently 42 Maryland Green Centers. The award is valid for four years.

Select an Application

Click to download your application.

New and Recertifying Center
This application is for centers who are new or recertifying to become a Green Center.

Sustainable Center
This application is for centers who have applied to be a Green Center more than three consecutive times.

Application Rubric

Each application is reviewed three times by volunteers. Here is the application review rubric.

Submit Your Application

Everyone has different ways to create their own green school applications, and MAEOE is flexible. We are suggesting that schools use an electronic format such as a free online web-design program like Weebly, Prezi or submit a PowerPoint presentation. Some schools are creating the application as part of their school's current webpage.

Send all electronic applications to The Application's Cover Sheet should be a separate attachment/file from the main application. All pieces of the application can be attached to the same email. In the subject line, put the name of the school. Please send to or MAEOE, 3430 2nd Street, Suite 300, Baltimore, MD 21225.

You will receive a confirmation email within 8 days of your submission. Because of the number of applications we receive on the due date, you are not guaranteed a confirmation until then. If you do not receive this confirmation, please send an email to

Please do not forget to submit a cover sheet with your application and input your metrics.

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