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Supports Maryland Green School Applicants

  • Provides information about the Maryland Green Schools program
  • Works closely with schools to guide the Maryland Green School application process
  • Contributes to schools' Maryland Green School award application
  • Provides programmatic support for School Environmental activities
  • Provides focused In-service or professional development for teachers
  • Provides direct instruction that is related to Maryland Green School projects at a school/community
  • Partners with the school for solutions to environmental issues in the community
  • Provides Schools with contacts and connections to the appropriate resource

Models Environmental Sustainable Practices

  • Models at least 4 of the 7 Sustainable Practices listed on the Maryland Green Schools application in the building and site
  • Incorporates students in the use or education description of the Practices

Supports Community Environmental Learning

  • Is active in the community
  • Partners with schools for action in the community
  • Partners with the community to work on environmental issues at the school
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Bronze Level Sponsors
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