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Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide

Application Timeline with Tentative Dates

Get started step-by-step (with tentative timeline dates)

1. Put together a Green School Committee
This committee can include teachers, students, administrators, parents or other staff. This will make it easier for you to put the application together. At the first meeting evaluate what you have in place and what you need to plan. There is a Green Schools Pre-Assessment that is available to determine where your school is in the processes. (September/October of Year 1)

2. MAEOE Green School Training
Consider attending one of these trainings which will teach you about the application, the program and the process. The training sign-ups can be found on the MAEOE professional development page. (Fall of Year 1)

3. File Sharing
Set up a File Sharing System in your school to share documents/information. For example the school sharing drive, a google drive, etc. (Fall of Year 1)

4. School-wide Meeting
Arrange a school-wide meeting with all staff to discuss step 3 and to inform all staff on the Green School process (take pictures, have all teachers sign in, include agenda, etc.). This is for documenting section 1.2.1 of the application. (Fall of Year 1)

5. Local Suport
Contact local support:

  • Green Center. Green Centers and Green Leaders are established to help provide local support for schools interested in becoming green schools. The list of green centers can be found here
  • Further support. If you still believe you may need further assistance contact who can contact a Green Leaders to see if any are available to mentor you.

6. Celebrate!
Have a school wide celebration celebrating being Green. This can occur during spirt week, Earth Day, Arbor Day, or you can pick a day! (Throughout the fall/early winter/spring of Year 1)

7. Professional Development
Have a minimum of 10% of your teachers attend environmental education professional development (EE PD). There are many opportunities for staff to receive EE PD. Check out the MAEOE calendar ( for more details on EE PD like MAEOE Conference, Monarch Workshops, Project Wild/Wet, Project Learning Tree, Green Eggs and Sand, etc. (Throughout the fall/ winter/spring/summer of Year 1 and Year 2)

8. Create Online Resources
Set-up the template or use one of ours to allow you to populate the application throughout the year. We recommend an online format such as a free website, Prezi or Power Point. At a fall staff meeting, have a Green School update. (Early Fall Year 2)

9. Green Center/Leader Check In
Check in with your local Green Center/Green Leader. If you are meeting in person, bring with you what you have so that they can look it over and give you feedback. (Fall Year 2)

10. Complete Objective 1.1
Fully populate Objective 1.1 (Curriculum and Instruction: Environmental Issue Instruction) in your application. (November Year 2)

11. Intent to Apply
Turn in your intent to apply by December deadline. Fully populate Objective 1.2 and 1.4 by winter break. (December Year 2)

12. Complete Objective 2
Fully populate Objective 2 (Student-driven Sustainability Practices) of your application. (End of January Year 2)

13. Mock Review
Attend the MAEOE conference for Mock Review Session of your application. MAEOE conference can count towards 1.2.2 of your application. If you cannot attend the conference, consider sitting down with your Green Leader or Green Center to do a one-on-one Application review. DO NOT LEAVE THIS UNTIL MARCH. Green Leaders are busy people too, so the earlier you can meet with them, the more time and feedback they can give you. (February of Year 2)

14. Complete Objective 3
Fully populate Objective 3 (Community Partnerships, Awards and Special Recognition) of your application. (February of Year 2)

15. Submit Application and Metrics
Complete final touches of your application and turn in your application. See the Metrics Collections for directions on entering your Sustainable Practices into the Metrics Survey. (March of Year 2)

16. Receive Results
Results of your application will be returned to you. (April of Year 2)

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