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This year our theme is “Environmental Education for the Future.” The focus is on the amazing ways that students are learning skills that they can use at school and in their communities to make the world a greener, healthier place. We are looking for student exhibitors and student speakers to participate in the event.

We have two opportunities for your students to participate. Youth voice at our Green Schools and when we talk about the environment and sustainability is very important.

Opportunity 1 - Student Speakers: Your Green Team can present their green-related project during one of the award ceremonies. These 5-minute speaking or performing opportunities allow students to creatively demonstrate their take on a sustainable environment. Ceremonies occur in the morning between 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM. A time will be assigned after registration. The audience includes students in grades K-12. Click on this link to register your student(s) to be student speakers.

Opportunity 2 - Student Exhibitors: Your students can also participate as an exhibitor. As exhibitors, students will create an exhibit or activity that will engage other students in the Environmental Literacy Fair. This is a great way for your students to talk about their ideas and projects. Students will present along with other organizations throughout the day between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Students can pick a one-hour slot or teams can present throughout the event. Click on this link to register our student(s) to be student exhibitors.

We would be delighted to have your students present or exhibit and ask that you fill out the forms by Wednesday, May 18 to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact April Amacker at

Student Exhibitors

MAEOE is looking for students that would like to share their work with others. The goal is to showcase your students' projects and be able to talk with other students about how they were completed. If you are enthusiastic about your Green School efforts and would like to share your achievements with like-minded peers, we encourage you to apply! Space is limited, so register early!

Student Speakers

With this year's theme, “Environmental Education for the Future,” student speakers will focus on how schools are thinking about the future, what they are learning in class, projects, outdoor learning, and how they are making their schools and communities a greener, healthier place. We are looking to highlight up to four student projects at the award ceremonies. If you teach in a K-12 Maryland Green School or are applying in 2022-2023 and have students who did a Green School-related project this year, you are eligible to apply for your students to present.

Presentations can describe projects that cover Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Solid Waste Management, Habitat Restoration, Structures for Environmental Learning, Responsible Transportation, Healthy School Environment, Community Outreach, Stewardship, and more. Presentations should be dynamic, creative and fun for an audience of mostly students PreK-12.

Your students’ presentation should motivate other students to go back to their own schools and think about their role in their school and their community. Presentation length: 5 minutes maximum.

  • Guidelines
    1. Presenters must be students. Teacher/mentors may help with application however the main presentation must be given by the student/s.
    2. Presentation length can not be longer than 5 minutes. There are no visual presentations during the keynote (e.g. PowerPoint or Prezi Presentations). Microphone will be available.
    3. Students and chaperones must be present at the Youth Summit on May 26th.
    4. Applications questionnaires are due by May 5th by 5 PM.
  • Application Questions
    1. Please describe the Green School project(s) that your student(s) would speak about. (Please limit to 200 words)
    2. Understanding that the details may change over time, please give us the general format and plan for the presentation.
    3. How will the student(s) present this information? How will the student(s) make it interactive?
    4. What will other students gain from hearing about this project?
  • Deadline

    May 5, 2022 by 5 PM.

  • Notification of Speaking

    Teachers/Mentors will be notified by May 10th.

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