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Mar 09, 2020

School Leader (Principal)


Location: Woodlawn, MD
Organization: Watershed Public Charter School
Application Deadline: until filled

We are looking for a School Leader who is passionate about hands-on, multidisciplinary learning and will enforce WPCS’s unique vision in fostering a learning environment where students spend significant time outdoors and interacting with the arts. Candidates should be innovative visionaries who are committed to life-long learning.

The ideal candidate has leadership experience in an Elementary School setting, has extensive experience developing multidisciplinary curriculum and can support teachers in working collaboratively and in an interdisciplinary manner. This candidate is committed to the arts, arts integration and the environment. He or she will be able to equip teachers with the resources needed to maximize learning out of doors.

Our ideal School Leader is flexible, enjoys working within the school’s community, is invested in working with underserved populations and demonstrates these capabilities by maintaining a track record of measurable student gains.

Full description here. Candidates will ultimately need to apply via the BCPS website, but it is not required before submitting a resume/ cover letter to WPCS.

Website to Apply:

Email to Apply:

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