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Mar 08, 2021

Delaware State Parks Internships


Location: Multiple Locations in the State of Delaware
Organization: State of Delaware
Application Deadline: Rolling

The Delaware State Parks Internship Program provides opportunities for qualified students and career-focused graduates to apply learned theory and experience to practical situations and to observe an organization first-hand. A quality field experience facilitates and enhances educational and vocational processes. The Delaware State Parks Internship Program is a training program that provides practical work experience and valuable training in the many and varied careers in the state park system. Interns in the program engage in education, management, administration, and environmental stewardship activities to increase and promote the environmental awareness of our visitors.

Positions are available in the following areas:

Outdoor Summer Camp
Environmental Education and Research
Historical Interpretation and Research
Outdoor Skills
Park Management and Operations
Research and Policy
Environmental Stewardship
Zoo Education, Research and Animal Care

In addition to outstanding training and hands-on learning, there are tangible benefits to Delaware State Parks interns:

Stipend: Interns are considered volunteers and are not paid for their service. Interns may elect to receive a stipend to help cover expenses incurred during their volunteer intern service. The more hours an intern serves, the greater the costs likely to be incurred. As a result, the stipend is a fixed amount of $100 per week for service of 30 or more hours per week or $50.00 per week for service of between 20 – 30 hours/ week, paid biweekly as a direct deposit into the intern’s bank account.

Taxes: No taxes are withheld from the stipend. Interns electing to receive the stipend will complete IRS Form W-9 Request for Tax-Payer Identification as self-employed and will receive a Form 1099 at the end of the year that reports the amount of income from the stipend. The stipend is not a wage, but does count toward the total income on which the intern’s tax obligation is based. Interns receiving less than $600 in a calendar year are not subject to receiving a Form 1099.

Housing: Some housing is available, at no fee, for interns providing full-time hours (30 or more per week). If selected for housing, in most cases the intern should expect to share a room with other interns in a Division Intern house, duplex or dorm facility. The facilities are furnished and include kitchen, housewares, and laundry. Utilities are included. Wi-Fi, cable, TVs and computers are NOT provided.

Activities: Interns receive free admission to all Delaware State Parks and the opportunity to attend most programs and activities at no fee.

Website to Apply:

Email to Apply:

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