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MAEOE Conference Keynote Speaker - Anna Rathmann

Anna Rathmann

Executive Director, Jane Goodall Institute USA

Anna Rathmann is the Executive Director of JGI USA. Her experience working with organizations in the international conservation community led her to her current role with the Institute as a natural next step in a career focused on bridging science, conservation, education, and storytelling. In striving to inspire change through initiatives that support restoration and protection efforts, Anna’s passion for working in tandem with sometimes unexpected partners across multiple industries has allowed her to facilitate ongoing dialogues and revenue streams for sustainable practices with local communities, scientists, educators, media, private industry, including tourism, and government partners all centered around positive conservation impacts.

Anna holds an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in Washington, DC and is a graduate of Valparaiso University. She is honored to currently serve on three non-profit boards that promote ongoing learning through their unique and vital missions: Earth League International, OneNature Global, and Waterford Foundation. Each of these organizations approaches a different aspect of conservation in a unique way. The Waterford Foundation looks at historic preservation and the importance of maintaining open space, Earth League International combats wildlife crime, and OneNature Global examines the role of wildlife in wellbeing, happiness, and interconnection between humans, animals, and the planet. Anna believes one of the great things about conservation is its multifaceted nature and the many ways to engage with conservation at all levels of community and business.

Prior to joining JGI USA, Anna served as the inaugural Director of the Great Plains Conservation Foundation, where she implemented sustainable conservation initiatives in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. She also has a long history with the National Geographic Society, working in a range of development and program management roles focused on research, conservation, exploration, and education.

Anna grew up in Northern California and credits her childhood visits to National Parks with instilling an enduring sense of wonder and respect for the natural world. As a young person she spent many summers in the American West including serving as a seasonal Park Ranger in Yellowstone National Park. Anna has three children who inspire her daily with their curiosity and constantly motivate her to protect our amazing planet.

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