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MAEOE Conference Opening Speaker - Dr. Rose Brusaferro

Dr. Rose Brusaferro

Acting Director of the Nature Preschool at Nature Forward

Dr. Rose Brusaferro is the Acting Director of the Nature Preschool at Nature Forward (formerly the Audubon Naturalist Society). She has been studying and teaching environmental education for early childhood for more than a decade. Her first job as a nature birthday party leader taught her how to interpret and deliver natural history lessons to people of all ages. Since then, she has been an environmental manager for a national park, sustainability coordinator in colleges, summer camp director and education specialist for non-profits, technical assistant for governmental organizations, and an independent environmental education consultant. Rose began her research career by assessing preschool children’s environmental literacy, then she examined the sustainability of nature play spaces as an environmental education tool. Most recently, she designed a study to measure children’s ecological identity development through their nature play. Rose continues to use her professional and academic platform to advocate for connecting children to nature as a means to a sustainable future.

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