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2020 MAEOE Conference

February 6-9, 2020, the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education will bring together educators, resource personnel, scientists and researchers to share their experiences and ideas at the Princess Royale in Ocean City, MD. Be part of the annual conference!

Presenters must register by January 6 to receive the special presenter pricing. All Saturday presenters are required to register for the conference. Registration will be opening soon!

Conference Strands

2020 MAEOE conference: Exploring Connections: Linking Nature, People, and Mindfulness.

The conference will be February 6-9, 2020 at the Princess Royale in Ocean City, MD.

The 2020 strands will be:

Strand 1: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind More Effective Educators

These sessions could include areas that are not always considered traditional environmental education. Topics could encompass therapeutic uses of the outdoors, developing a sense of place in individuals, education through play, exploration techniques, food related topics, etc.

Strand 2: In-depth Science & Natural History

This strand would focus on more in-depth environmental topics, species or principals, conservation, preservation, human history, life cycles, human history and general ecology; Presented by scientists, researchers or experts in their field. Sessions might include a focus on a particular species, environmental issues in the state, the impact of regulations on the environment or a species, or trends impacting populations. These sessions emphasize and focus on increasing participant’s knowledge of the natural world and how it functions. Build your skills in working with a variety of age groups in an outdoor setting.

Strand 3: Actions to Become “Greener” Schools and Communities

These sessions highlight “green” actions that individuals, agencies, centers or schools could take to instill a green focus and move towards more environmentally friendly practices. Energy conservation, water conservation, composting, school gardens, and ways to lessen your environmental footprint would be appropriate. Attend sessions in this strand to learn ways to engage the community, administration, building service, school facilities and staff in the journey to become greener.

Strand 4: Examples from the Field

Tips and tricks for environmental and outdoor education. Activities in and out of the classroom, connections with curriculum, hands-on lessons and experiences, including NGSS and MWEEs, help build our teaching capacity.

Strand 5: Best Practices in Program Management

Partnerships are crucial for building capacity and providing environmental education programming, these sessions would share experiences with funding, working with profits and nonprofits, staffing tips, formal and non-formal environmental educators, capacity building and outreach, and know-how in developing partnerships and finding partners. Grant writing may also be of interest to participants. How have you made social media work for you?

Strand 6: Hot Topics

Sessions will focus on current trends and issues in environmental or outdoor education. Topics include diversity, alternative energy, climate change, environmental health, or education methods to engage an audience in a discussion of topics of contention. These sessions will focus on trending topics in the field of environmental education, agricultural and farm education, models and methods, STEAM, environmental justice, and increasing community/civic engagement.

a) Thursday PDI – half day (afternoon) or full day – Traditionally in-depth learning experiences to give educators the background knowledge and confidence to teach about new subjects in their classrooms or centers.

b) Friday Pre-Conference Workshop – Half Day (3 hrs AM or PM) or Full Day – These pre-conference sessions are designed to deliver activities and lessons.

c) Saturday Sessions – 60 or 130 minute workshop. These sessions cover a wide range of topics and give teachers and educators exposure to lessons, tips, and best practices.

d) Field Trip/Experience - Traditionally field trips were offered on Sunday morning to give conference attendees something fun to do on their trip home. In recent years some of these activities have really become more of a learning experience than just a “tourist” experience. Consider attending a Field Experience on the way to Ocean City or on the way home.

4. All presenters MUST PROVIDE their own laptop and speakers if needed. MAEOE will continue to provide screens and projectors in each room. If you are using an Apple product, please be sure to bring your own adaptor to connect it to the projector.

6. All Saturday presenters are expected to register for the conference. A maximum of 2 Thursday and Friday presenters for each session will have the Thursday and/or Friday registration fees waived. Any additional presenters for Thursday or Friday must purchase a guest lunch. If you are presenting on Thursday or Friday, but would like to attend sessions Thursday, Friday or Saturday you MUST register appropriately.

Should you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact:

Nominations for exceptional environmental educators to win the 2020 Finton Award can be made at the MAEOE table in the Exhibit Hall Feb 7 - 9 at the Sheraton North Baltimore, Towson.

For more information: Finton Award

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