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​Deadline Extended to 2/3/2020!​

​2020 MAEOE Conference Challenge - Become an Environmental Superhero!!!!

Print off instructions: Maeoe Challenge Become An Environmental Superhero

2020 MAEOE Challenge -- Become an Environmental Superhero!

Have you ever dreamt of being a superhero? Of conquering villains and inspiring citizens justice and education and goodness in your community. Whether you’re still dreaming of being a superhero when you grow up or you’re already out there making a difference, this is your moment—bring your inner superhero to life for the 2020 MAEOE Conference Challenge!

What You’re Doing: Work either as an individual or a team to create your own environmental superhero. Be as creative as you can to create a hero who’s as unique and complex as you are. Your superhero will need a name, a character/personality, a purpose/superpowers, and a costume. We want to know about your character’s origin story (how they came to be a superhero) and their archenemy (the villains they’re fighting).

Once you’ve created a character, you’ll be making a few things to turn in for judging. First, you’ll need a photo (or photos) of your superhero wearing their costume. Costumes should be made from 50% recycled materials. Be as creative as you can with your costume, but aim to make it something you can re-wear (you’ll need it again for later!). Next, you’ll be making a comic strip featuring your hero. You can either draw this, or you can take photos that tell a story. If you take photos, you can opt to make them look more stylized using artistic effects (photo effects you can create in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint). Your comic should be six frames long and tell a story.

How to Submit Your Challenge: Put all your materials together in a PowerPoint presentation. The first several slides should state or explain your character (name, character/personality, purpose/superpowers, origin story, archenemies). Next have slides that show your hero in costume. Use bullet points to explain costume features. Lastly, include your comic strip. Once you’ve finished, export your PowerPoint as a PDF and submit by email to Maryland Environmental Service ( Challenge submissions are due Friday, January 24, 2020 at 5:00 EST.

What Happens Next: Your superhero’s PowerPoint will be displayed at MAEOE for attendees to vote on. The MAEOE 2020 challenge winner will be the superhero who receives the most votes. Please also bring your hero’s costume to MAEOE for a special superhero runway walk.

Contact by January 24, with your presentation or with any questions. You must share your completed album with this email address no later than the above deadline. Please only share the album when it is complete, not while you are working on creating it.

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