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Speakers and Panel Discussions

The Drawdown Project - Wednesday

The genesis of Project Drawdown was curiosity and hope, not fear and failure. Since 2014, Project Drawdown has conducted an ongoing review and analysis of climate solutions--the practices and technologies that can stem and begin to reduce the excess of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere--to provide the world with a current and robust resource. These solutions have influenced university curricula, city climate plans, commitments by businesses, community action, philanthropic strategy, and more. How might you integrate more or different climate solutions into your education work?

Join Dr. Elizabeth Bagley, Director of Drawdown Learn at Project Drawdown and Joe Richardson, Founder of Bar-T for a panel discussion exploring Project Drawdown's climate solution framework: reducing sources, supporting and enhancing sinks, and improving society. The presentation will explore climate solutions--from reduced food waste to conservation agriculture--that are appropriate for the Mid-Atlantic region and identify solutions that are easiest to implement.

How can students effect change? Student engagement is key and school green clubs can select and implement their own Drawdown solutions at school and in the community.

International Sustainable Schools - Friday

Dr. Andrea Kane, Superintendent, Queen Anne’s County Public Schools and Samia Kassid, Senior Program Manager, World Future Council will moderate a global panel of formal and non-formal education experts from Scotland, Australia, Mexico, Kenya, and Maryland. Panelists will talk about Environmental Education and Sustainability Education in schools. We will hear about environmental education for sustainability and the opportunities this creates for students to learn and develop skills to create a sustainable future.

NASA Goddard Panel Discussion

Interested in learning more about how NASA studies Earth? Want to find out how you and your students can help NASA scientists with environmental observations? Attend this panel to find out about NASA’s Earth observing missions, NASA’s Earth to Sky Program which enables interpreters from the NPS and FWL and other parks are working to interact with NASA, and learn how you and your students can be involved in the GLOBE Program.

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