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Environmental Education Improves Young Minds and Our Community

Maryland Green Schools/Centers News

Maryland Green Schools Progress Evaluation Executive Summary and Report

MAEOE's State Appropriation requires a yearly external evaluation to measure progress towards growth of Maryland Green Schools throughout the state.

In the first year of state funding, the evaluation led a quantitative assessment of progress toward its 50% goal. Specifically, evaluation comparatively examined the characteristics of schools that have and have not achieved MDGS status. This comparison sought to reveal the program’s current progress, areas of strength and opportunities for growth to reach the 50% target by 2026.

The evaluation is provided by J. Sickler Consulting.

2023 Evaluation

2022 Evaluation

2021 Evaluation

Need to replace your old MD Green School or Center flag or plaque?

  • New schools and centers will receive their first flag and plaque with their award during the Youth Summit in May or be delivered to their school if they cannot attend.
  • Current Maryland Green Schools and Centers can order replacement flags from MAEOE for $50 per flag. Flag dimensions are 3' x 5'.
  • Current Maryland Green Schools and Centers can order a replacement plaque for $203.95. Each plate that is added to the plaque is $6.95. Shipping will be added to the invoice and ranges in cost from $12.00 - $15.00 via USPS. Replacements are ordered once a year in the spring. If you need a replacement, please contact first so an estimate can be requested.

Email for invoicing options.

Flags are also sold at the Youth Summit, including t-shirts, hats, water bottles, and more!

Learn More About…

Green Schools Program

Participating schools empower youth to make changes to reduce environmental impact, encourage sustainability and foster environmental literacy.

Green Centers Program

Green Centers educate schools, teachers and parents about the Maryland Green School Program and guide them through the application process.

Youth Summit 2024

The annual MAEOE Youth Summit is where teachers and students discover programs and resources for their schools and it is a day of celebration for new and recertifying Green Schools and Green Centers.

Green Leaders

Green Leaders act as MAEOE's ambassadors and navigators for the Maryland Green Schools program.

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